Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Clowns

Since the weather is now a balmy 32 degrees, I braved our piled - up mountains of shoveled snow for a trip to my old camper..  I use it as a storage shed for my summer season antique shop in the granary.  I have piles of things in there to price and put in the shop, a lot of them I haven't looked at before.  I came across a 1948 circus magazine and program from Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey.

  What a great collection of fun articles and great vintage advertising!

I have it listed on Etsy for $25, in my antique shop for $18. I think another trip over the snow mountains is in order to add to my clown collection!  Before the winter is over, I may have half of my granary antiques in the house.  Holt House Antiques is open 1-5 Tuesday through Saturday in our 1884 octagon house 1 mile north of Granite Falls, MN.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are my Gnomes multiplying?

I was rearranging my antique shop yesterday and moved the shelf where a lot of my gnomes are displayed.  Do I really have this many? They covered the entire dining room table and then some.  I think some of them must have given birth when I didn't notice!  But they seem to be happy enough in their new spot.

A few of them didn't get to move, but I want to look at their friendly, funny faces from my desk, so they're staying put!

You can adopt any of these wonderful creatures at Holt House Antiques, our winter hours are 1-5 Tuesday through Saturday, additional hours or Sunday and Monday by appointment.   Holt House Antiques

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing my mystical friends

My house and antique shop is full of wonderful mystical creatures.  Some of them have agreed to find new homes, a few have agreed to be shipped to unknown homes online, but most chose to meet their new owners personally in the shop.  They've heard that I started this new blog and all want their pictures taken!  So here are a few -
The first one is refusing to move anywhere, doesn't have a price tag on him.  Merlin has a lighted beard and looks absolutely magical in the dark! Merlin stands guard over my imported, hand carved, walnut, dragon theme table.

My two golden fairies sit on either side of the sofa on top of my inherited wooden end tables, they've told me they're staying with the house also. And they match my new/old lamps too well to try and talk them out of it.!

This group say they would go with a new owner if the right person comes along.  For now they sit very comfortably on my old pressed back chair.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snowy transformations

Maybe it's because I haven't spent a winter here in years, but I love what the fresh snow does to ordinary objects. Of course we have more "objects" in our yard because of our antique business.  These pictures were taken by my daughter, Sarina, on her first exploration of our yard covered in snow.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

treasure hunting

It's the last day my daughter is here for her Christmas break, so in spite of our balmy -11 degrees weather, we decided to visit a few of the local antique shops. At Past Reflections in downtown Montevideo, we found the perfect old headboard for Pliny's room and a gorgeous old lamp at Prairie Mercantile was just right for beside the bed.  The shade needs replacing or removal but I love the detail on the top of this old iron lamp.

It has the same motif as the chairs in the room, some type of mythological creature, maybe a griffin?

Yesterday my daughter found two perfect lamps for either side of the sofa at the Treasure Stop, above the Dollar Stop in downtown Granite Falls.
I love finding these wonderful things so close to home, so much more fun than a furniture store!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Eve at Prairie's Edge Casino Resort

  We had a great New Year's Eve with live music from Hicktown Mafia at Prairie's Edge!  My husband and I would have been content to celebrate at home, but our two college daughters were here and wanted more excitement than that!  So in order to use the free bus service from the casino which only ran in the city limits, we added to the fun by camping out - and freezing - in our old church building which we purchased last year.
  I love that old building and we're looking forward to putting it to some type of use this year.  My dream for the building is a residence furnished with gothic furniture, a castle look.  But in the meantime, it would be a great art gallery or antique shop.  More information and pictures of my church to come!  Happy New Year!