Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing my mystical friends

My house and antique shop is full of wonderful mystical creatures.  Some of them have agreed to find new homes, a few have agreed to be shipped to unknown homes online, but most chose to meet their new owners personally in the shop.  They've heard that I started this new blog and all want their pictures taken!  So here are a few -
The first one is refusing to move anywhere, doesn't have a price tag on him.  Merlin has a lighted beard and looks absolutely magical in the dark! Merlin stands guard over my imported, hand carved, walnut, dragon theme table.

My two golden fairies sit on either side of the sofa on top of my inherited wooden end tables, they've told me they're staying with the house also. And they match my new/old lamps too well to try and talk them out of it.!

This group say they would go with a new owner if the right person comes along.  For now they sit very comfortably on my old pressed back chair.

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