Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dragons in an octagon house.

Dragons just seem to fit in with my love of all magical creatures, in this case I can only hope they're imaginary! Yesterday I purchased a new addition to my collection on Etsy.  It was hard to choose which one, I love all these items at Innovative Stone Art. 
He'll look great on my wall or even in the garden as a stepping stone.

I've been collecting dragons for a while now.  We just moved back to the USA permanently and shipped items from the Middle East, my favorite and most expensive is the dragon themed, hand carved, walnut table. It arrived with no damage though the glass top got broken. The seller said it was made in Kashmir, but other people think it might be from Thailand or that area. 

I do have it listed for sale in  my antique shop. But at the price of $4,000, I'm hoping nobody comes along to buy it! Right next to this wonderful piece is another imported guy, he did get his teeth broken off but I glued them on again.
I think they like living in an octagon house and help the gargoyles outside protect the place.
 The purple one who hangs by my window would certainly scare anybody away, even though she must be a girl with that color!  She was a gift from my daughter. The brown dragon below is a stuffed animal, he also came from overseas, a Christmas gift. He sits on my sofa in the bedroom and keeps an eye out the window there.
I hope they're all happy here, wouldn't want to upset them! Writing this I realized they all need names, any ideas readers?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red floors in an octagon house

We're trying to get things done in our house so we can open our Bed and Breakfast! It may be a few months  since our water supply can't get approved until the frost goes out and the well is done.  Since the new well ate up our carpeting budget, I decided to use dark red paint to finish the hall room/library upstairs.  This is the room which adjoins the guest rooms and eventually we'll add a refrigerator and microwave for guest use.

The room will contain reading material for guests and  a table and chairs for eating or playing games. The library also displays some of our Middle Eastern treasures that we collected from living there for years.  This antique brass box is from Afghanistan, purchased in Dubai.
The wall hanging behind it is from India. The braided rug is a family heirloom made by my grandmother.
This art print is of the Hofuf market in Saudi Arabia.
And you'd  think I'd be sick of snowy pictures by now, but the snow just sparkled this morning!

If you're going to be buried in a snowbank, you might as well like looking at it!  Happy Winter!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Minnesota Magic

Minnesota looks magical this morning with all the fog.  And the temperature is going to hit 50 in February - Foggy, Fifty February!
I have started a new team on featuring sellers based in Minnesota, Stop by and look and their shops!
Creatively at Home
Good luck to all my Minnesota Magic Team Members!  My own shop is HannahsHatBox and my own bricks and mortar shop in my 1884 octagon house , Holt House Antiques.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frosting on the Cake

Two days of above 30 degrees, things were starting to melt, the satellite dish got a dramatic addition!
The bird bath which is barely peeking out from the snow bank looks like Frosty's birthday cake!

And our two stately trees got their usual frosted treatment.  No matter how many times we get a fresh coating, I still love how it looks!

The Minnesota Grove Gnomes must be enjoying this winter, they don't have to freeze running around on top of the barren dirt, but can make little tunnels in the snow so they can move around freely without worrying about coyotes and other animals. Stay out of our Magical Grove snowmobilers!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Old North Church

I bought an old church last year, probably crazy but I love the building and want to convert it into a house.  I was cleaning out an old trunk today, and going through my mother's scrapbooks. Her side of the family went to that church until it merged with another Lutheran Church in Granite Falls and moved into the larger, newer building.  In there, was a newspaper clipping of a church supper which took place in the basement.  The basement has the old tin ceilings, kitchen in the back with really neat old cupboards and farmer sink. I also came across confirmation records that took place there.  This will be the next "family museum" spot since I have to get rid of a lot of these personal records with our new bed and breakfast business at Holt House. I've named the building Den Ole Lokkensgaard Hus after it's pastor.  If that's not a Gnome Gname, I don't know what is!
In September, I had a ghost investigation group visit the church as part of a ghost tour downtown.  This is one of their photos from that night.  Maybe it was somebody from the first picture?  The pews are free, please come and take one!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pliny Holt and his family

My last name isn't Holt, but I named my wonderful old octagon house for the builder of the house - William Harrison Holt. His son, Pliny, went on to work for his uncle Benjamin Holt. He was an engineer and worked  a lot of inventions for Holt Tractors which later merged with another company to become Caterpillar, Inc.  Some of the same family still own Holt Cat in Texas.  I was contacted yesterday by somebody writing a book on the family, it seems roles have been reversed as I always thought of myself as a researcher on the subject, not the expert to ask for information!  But I guess I have become an expert on the Holt family when they lived in Granite Falls and built this house.  This is a picture of Pliny at about the age he would have been when he lived here.
They only stayed here for a few years, then moved to Minneapolis where Pliny graduated from the U of Minnesota.  He started a branch of Holt Tractors there in the early 1900s, but only built two tractors. I'm excited to share information with the writer of this book and hopefully I'll get rewarded with a family picture of William Harrison Holt, his wife Clara (Cate) Holt and their children.  Clara was a second cousin of my g-g-grandmother who built a house across the road at the same time, around 1884. An even more exciting hope is to find an old picture of my house, I've been searching since I bought it about 10 years ago.I love history!