Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dragons in an octagon house.

Dragons just seem to fit in with my love of all magical creatures, in this case I can only hope they're imaginary! Yesterday I purchased a new addition to my collection on Etsy.  It was hard to choose which one, I love all these items at Innovative Stone Art. 
He'll look great on my wall or even in the garden as a stepping stone.

I've been collecting dragons for a while now.  We just moved back to the USA permanently and shipped items from the Middle East, my favorite and most expensive is the dragon themed, hand carved, walnut table. It arrived with no damage though the glass top got broken. The seller said it was made in Kashmir, but other people think it might be from Thailand or that area. 

I do have it listed for sale in  my antique shop. But at the price of $4,000, I'm hoping nobody comes along to buy it! Right next to this wonderful piece is another imported guy, he did get his teeth broken off but I glued them on again.
I think they like living in an octagon house and help the gargoyles outside protect the place.
 The purple one who hangs by my window would certainly scare anybody away, even though she must be a girl with that color!  She was a gift from my daughter. The brown dragon below is a stuffed animal, he also came from overseas, a Christmas gift. He sits on my sofa in the bedroom and keeps an eye out the window there.
I hope they're all happy here, wouldn't want to upset them! Writing this I realized they all need names, any ideas readers?


  1. Such neat stuff! I'd love to roam through your shop..going to your etsy shop and following you back now. Thanks!

  2. My son would love that dragon!!! What a amazing pieces you acquired...I agree I would hope no one would buy it either!! :)

  3. Thanks for your comments, the dragon is safe on the mantel now, not for sale any more!


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