Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Old North Church

I bought an old church last year, probably crazy but I love the building and want to convert it into a house.  I was cleaning out an old trunk today, and going through my mother's scrapbooks. Her side of the family went to that church until it merged with another Lutheran Church in Granite Falls and moved into the larger, newer building.  In there, was a newspaper clipping of a church supper which took place in the basement.  The basement has the old tin ceilings, kitchen in the back with really neat old cupboards and farmer sink. I also came across confirmation records that took place there.  This will be the next "family museum" spot since I have to get rid of a lot of these personal records with our new bed and breakfast business at Holt House. I've named the building Den Ole Lokkensgaard Hus after it's pastor.  If that's not a Gnome Gname, I don't know what is!
In September, I had a ghost investigation group visit the church as part of a ghost tour downtown.  This is one of their photos from that night.  Maybe it was somebody from the first picture?  The pews are free, please come and take one!

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