Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pliny Holt and his family

My last name isn't Holt, but I named my wonderful old octagon house for the builder of the house - William Harrison Holt. His son, Pliny, went on to work for his uncle Benjamin Holt. He was an engineer and worked  a lot of inventions for Holt Tractors which later merged with another company to become Caterpillar, Inc.  Some of the same family still own Holt Cat in Texas.  I was contacted yesterday by somebody writing a book on the family, it seems roles have been reversed as I always thought of myself as a researcher on the subject, not the expert to ask for information!  But I guess I have become an expert on the Holt family when they lived in Granite Falls and built this house.  This is a picture of Pliny at about the age he would have been when he lived here.
They only stayed here for a few years, then moved to Minneapolis where Pliny graduated from the U of Minnesota.  He started a branch of Holt Tractors there in the early 1900s, but only built two tractors. I'm excited to share information with the writer of this book and hopefully I'll get rewarded with a family picture of William Harrison Holt, his wife Clara (Cate) Holt and their children.  Clara was a second cousin of my g-g-grandmother who built a house across the road at the same time, around 1884. An even more exciting hope is to find an old picture of my house, I've been searching since I bought it about 10 years ago.I love history!

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