Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red floors in an octagon house

We're trying to get things done in our house so we can open our Bed and Breakfast! It may be a few months  since our water supply can't get approved until the frost goes out and the well is done.  Since the new well ate up our carpeting budget, I decided to use dark red paint to finish the hall room/library upstairs.  This is the room which adjoins the guest rooms and eventually we'll add a refrigerator and microwave for guest use.

The room will contain reading material for guests and  a table and chairs for eating or playing games. The library also displays some of our Middle Eastern treasures that we collected from living there for years.  This antique brass box is from Afghanistan, purchased in Dubai.
The wall hanging behind it is from India. The braided rug is a family heirloom made by my grandmother.
This art print is of the Hofuf market in Saudi Arabia.
And you'd  think I'd be sick of snowy pictures by now, but the snow just sparkled this morning!

If you're going to be buried in a snowbank, you might as well like looking at it!  Happy Winter!

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