Sunday, March 20, 2011

Attic in an Octagon House

My wonderful old house has a wonderful old attic!  It's big enough to create another room with it's neat octagon shape.  But for now it's just a storage room. My daughter needed pictures of the corner brackets that used to decorate the outside, she's nominating the house of the National Historic Register. So I went up there to photograph them and decided to look around at some other cool things up there.

These smaller ones were probably on the porch or bay window, I'm going to paint them and put them on the corners of the bay window this spring.

There are four old doors there, not sure if they are from downstairs where arches are now?

They have the original knobs and key holes!
My great aunt used to live in this house, so I know these stairs used to lead up to a trapdoor or possibly widow's walk or flat area on the roof.  With the new shingles, we closed it up. It would make a really neat spot for a skylight if we ever decide to create a room up there!

I have one item for sale in my antique shop that came from the attic, I have no idea what it is or what it's for, but it would be neat as a wall hanging or just displayed on a shelf , they're about 7 inches in diameter and I have  price of $8 on the pair-

What's in your attic? 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Robins here at last!

Snow is melting, I see grass at last and the first robins of spring are hopping around outside! I even see some signs of green on some of the plants.
I'm sure members of my Minnesota Magic Etsy team feel the same way, so I've decided to feature some Springy Minnesota Items they have for sale.

Powers of Love has this wonderful crocheted scarf, the same shade of green as the new leaves of the trees which should appear soon. Use coupon code SPRING for 20% off!

JewelryKaleidoscope's fabric strawberries have me looking forward to my strawberry crop in June!
Al Ternative Creations has a wonderful bracelet to go with your new spring dress!
Our newest member , Jim Guy, has some great photography in his Etsy shop.  I love this one of the Minnesota landmark, Minnehaha Falls!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Antique Books for World Book Day

I didn't know there was a World Book Day until a friend asked me to change my status on my facebook page to the nearest book to you, page 56, sentence 5.  It turned out to be my antique book about my antique house, "A Home for All or The Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building." It's one of my treasures!
At Holt House Antiques, I have quite a few antique and vintage books for sale.  This one below is in another language, so I have no idea what it is!  The other one is "Touchdown Pass" by Claire Bee from 1948.  The beautiful bookmark was a prize from Etsy shop Unraveled Revelry. She makes all kinds of wonderful upcycled fabric items! Beth's blog is A Self Made Life.

The bottom shelf of my living room antique shop is filled with old books, To celebrate World Book Day, I think I"ll list some for sale on Etsy today!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Signs of Spring -- at Last!

Winter has gone on long enough here in Minnesota.  This year was the first winter we've spent in our old house and one of the worst for cold and snow.  In 17 days it will be officially spring and today it feels like it actually could happen, a balmy 32 degrees!  We went and bought tomato and flower seeds to start, our growing season isn't long enough to plant some types of vegetables and flowers in the ground.  It's so much fun to open a packet of seeds, like little drops of magic!

Another sign of spring is the coming of Easter. My cute old bunny, Pinky, was featured in an Etsy treasury