Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Antique Books for World Book Day

I didn't know there was a World Book Day until a friend asked me to change my status on my facebook page to the nearest book to you, page 56, sentence 5.  It turned out to be my antique book about my antique house, "A Home for All or The Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building." It's one of my treasures!
At Holt House Antiques, I have quite a few antique and vintage books for sale.  This one below is in another language, so I have no idea what it is!  The other one is "Touchdown Pass" by Claire Bee from 1948.  The beautiful bookmark was a prize from Etsy shop Unraveled Revelry. She makes all kinds of wonderful upcycled fabric items! Beth's blog is A Self Made Life.

The bottom shelf of my living room antique shop is filled with old books, To celebrate World Book Day, I think I"ll list some for sale on Etsy today!

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  1. I love old books! I don't have any around, though...I'm afraid my kids will wreck them!


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