Sunday, March 20, 2011

Attic in an Octagon House

My wonderful old house has a wonderful old attic!  It's big enough to create another room with it's neat octagon shape.  But for now it's just a storage room. My daughter needed pictures of the corner brackets that used to decorate the outside, she's nominating the house of the National Historic Register. So I went up there to photograph them and decided to look around at some other cool things up there.

These smaller ones were probably on the porch or bay window, I'm going to paint them and put them on the corners of the bay window this spring.

There are four old doors there, not sure if they are from downstairs where arches are now?

They have the original knobs and key holes!
My great aunt used to live in this house, so I know these stairs used to lead up to a trapdoor or possibly widow's walk or flat area on the roof.  With the new shingles, we closed it up. It would make a really neat spot for a skylight if we ever decide to create a room up there!

I have one item for sale in my antique shop that came from the attic, I have no idea what it is or what it's for, but it would be neat as a wall hanging or just displayed on a shelf , they're about 7 inches in diameter and I have  price of $8 on the pair-

What's in your attic? 


  1. Dearest Hannah!
    I'm so thrilled that you found my blog and came to visit me. Your home is a antique wonderland in itself.

    I think those wood pieces are a wood pattern for cutting metal saw blades but just a guess.

    I love gnomes too. My front yard in called Gnomeland! We put in a bridge and some small tree's and plants and cobblestones and of course a wishing well.

    I loved your purple room too with your dragons on guard.

    I really hope to visit you more and get to know you. You will often see gnomes and wonderment on my blog.

    How is your Etsy shop going? I own a consignment shop and love what I do. Gnomes sell like crazy!

  2. The wood,"things" could be one of 2. They could be some kinda gear used to make a movement of some kinda machine. Or they could be the starting of a wood column. They would be cut off even before the sides were attached. Most likely a gear. But, who knows. Love it all. Come by soon. Richard

  3. Hi. I got to you blog via Richard in Missouri' blog. The 2 gears you have startled me as I just posted on my blog a few days ago some pictures of my 1850 quilting frame... You will see how your gears worked when you see the pics of the quilting frame in my last post! Marshel ( PS if you havent sold them, I want to buy them to display here in my house)


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