Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Meander Kick Off Event in downtown Granite Falls

Poor blog, You've been ignored all through the dirt digging, sunbathing, camping and traveling season.  So now that fall is here and we're back to finally opening Holt House Bed and Breakfast, I'm back to my blog.  And no better way to start again than with our wonderful event in downtown Granite Falls!  Together with other members of Granite Falls Riverfront Revitalization and the Chamber of Commerce, we've been working on organizing this all summer.  We had hoped the K.K. Berge Building would be completed, but it was done enough to have it open to the public with sales of food, wine and beer and wonderful art displays. 

We had a wonderful turnout, below are members of the Upper Sioux tribe performing.

The best part was a poetry reading while members of the community of different ages and backgrounds walked across the historic footbridge.
 I didn't see any gnomes but I'm sure they were watching from the other side of the Minnesota River!