Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Calumet Hotel, Pipestone, MN

The Minnesota Grove Gnomes, my husband and I decided to leave the valley and visit the cute old town of Pipestone.  I love staying in old hotels and this one was great! Making it even better was the special deal with included room, dinner for two and continental breakfast for only $89.  Our room was furnished with gorgeous antiques. 

 The old bar is original, the friendly bartender told us ghost stories about the basement where there is another bar.
 I love the large murals depicting Pipestone in bygone days.
 The open stairway is topped by a skylight.
 Across the street is the museum. In the summer they have weekly ghost tours of downtown Pipestone and there was one the night we were there since it was Halloween weekend.
 Along the way we passed Buffalo Ridge windfarm with over 200 windmills.

A trip to Pipestone is a great weekend getaway, they have a couple of great antique shops and also the Pipestone National Monument where you can see the Native American quarry and actual peace pipes being made. 

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