Sunday, January 22, 2012

Modern refrigerators don't fit in old church basements!

The Gnomes and I would like to share my daughter's post about her old church building.                               /

I'm sure that building holds many more adventures ahead!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Old North Church, my daughter's new home

Two years ago I bought an old church in Granite Falls.  The gnomes and my maternal grandmother made me do it as any sane person would have ran away from this deal.  Though I bought it cheap even for this area, it has an antiquated furnace and the city water isn't connected.  The previous congregation hauled water into a tank into the basement.  So far sounds like a perfect place to live, doesn't it?
 My daughter, Sarina Otaibi, just graduated with a master's degree in historic preservation and got a job in Granite Falls as program organizer for CURE  She loves old buildings and is moving into the church, using the back section as an apartment. One of the front rooms will be used for her office where she hopes to do consulting in her field.  I'm sure some of the Minnesota Grove Gnomes will sneak in there also, there's lots of room for everyone!  So we've been busy cleaning and getting baseboard heaters installed in that part of the church so we don't have to heat the whole thing. 

 We're also looking for uses for the rest of the building such as art gallery or studio.